Prayer Requests

While your request is being processed, we want you to be built up in your most holy faith. I have composed this powerful prayer for you. Read these words, speak them out and receive their powerful truth. God is right where you are, and I am standing with you; in my most holy faith. - Sooze

Father God, by the power of the blood of Christ Jesus, I ask for any and all lies and false beliefs to be silenced and arrested. In the name of Jesus, I come out of agreement with the carnal mind. I agree only with the mind of Christ, and hear all truth.

I stand in the courts of heaven and repent of any acts of enmity I may have honored against your, God. I humbly repent all the way back to when you breathed your breath into Adam. Thank you, Father. I present to the court, the blood of Christ as evidence on my behalf. I also present the foreknowledge of my life, predestined and planned by my Father in heaven as evidence. Render a just verdict, righteous Judge that you may finish what you started in me.

Thank you, Father God, Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit! AMEN. Holy Spirit speak to me, I am listening.

Each individual request is reviewed by Sooze. Led by the Holy Spirit, they will formulate your prayer and pray. No request is too big or too small. Our Father in heaven already knows before we utter a word.

Prayer Request Form